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Are you saving all the Money you Can ? Or are you like most- and giving extra to the Utility Company's

The Graph Below show's the Electric usage here at our office for the entire year.
( Bottom Line )
As you can see with our Powersavenc unit hooked up , We used a lot less than the average home or office. Before our usage was closer to the 
Top Line.

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THINK of it this way- When you give you car a TUNE-UP it becomes more Fuel Efficient and you save gas !
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and they will save money and so on- Next thing you know we will all be using less electricity and helping the EARTH we live in for generations to come by pumping less CO2 into the air!  This is as easy as it gets & Very affordable!  Please join the cause, It takes all of us to 
 Most Important
 By using our -POWERSAVENC Units- You are lowering your CARBON Footprint( USAGE ) & this helps  PLANET EARTH  which helps everyone!  
-We Guarantee you SAVINGS-
           The Powersave 1200 Residential unit from Powersave-nc
 Is Designed with the Home-owner in mind, Easy Hook-Up!
    We Use and Guarantee the Products we sell!   
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Power-Save TV Commercial
 Power-Save 1200™ reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing electricity otherwise lost from the motors in your home. The unit supplies this stored electricity back to your appliances, decreasing demand from the utility. Decreasing demand means less usage and lower electric bills!
        The easy-to-install Power-Save 1200™ was designed with the homeowner in mind, providing lower energy bills, increased motor and appliance life, for all of the equipment inside of your house.
Residential customers throughout North America could see a realized savings of 8% - 10% typically and as much as 25% on their electrical usage (and thus power bills). The Power-Save 1200™ is UL Certified as the Cat. No. ABET 2201 and CSA certified.
Money isn't all that you are saving when you use Power-Save Energy Corp. products. It's an energy-wise purchasing decision with many positive environmental implications. Power Suppliers also benefit by being able to supply power to more customers without the generation or acquisition of additional power. Provides Surge Suppression. Increases Appliance Life. Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers.   "Please use the Buy Now button below"
The Power Company uses this same Technology of Power Factor optimasation in there power grid to correct the power factor in there transformers, and to store the wasted energy generated by Inductive motor Load with Capacitors. Please read this article below explaining power factor from the US.Dept of Energy
      Please Click on the Download page to learn about Power Factor Correction and download the document.
 Power Factor Correction
Power Company Pole mounted Capacitor
      If you are a Business Owner we have
                How much motor load does your business have?
               Just Some Type's of Business's that would Benefit    
    FACTORY /Machine Shop                      GAS Station - STORE



         BAR /Restaurant                                  LAUNDROMAT
               Attention Small Business Owners:    
 Most small business's can use the Residential PS-1200 Unit if they utilize a single phase 200 amp service panel.
For a small investment , you could realize savings for the next 20 years and increase your profit margin. Call or Click today to get started!
 Please see our Product's page for more info
                                 RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS
Do You Answer " YES " to any of the following questions?
Is your home over 1800 Square feet?/ Is your central air conditioner / heat pump unit 3 years or older? / Does your home have more than one AC condenser outside / Is your forced air furnace 3 years or older? / Do you have a pool? / Do you have a well? / Is your refrigerator / freezer not energy star rated? / Do you have more than one refrigerator / freezer? / Is your washer & dryer not energy star rated? / Do you have a hot tub or a jacuzzi? 
 Anything in your home that uses an Electric Motor, Is wasting energy!
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