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Improving Power Factor Lowers Electric Bills
Power Factor is used to describe the energy efficiency of the power being used in your home or business. For example, a .59 Power Factor means that only 59% of the electricity that is being drawn thru your meter is being used effectively, the other 41% is being wasted!
Very good Power Factor is .90 or 90% or better. When your Power Factor is low, it causes a strain on your electric distribution system and the electric wiring in your home or business. This strain heats up the wires and panels and causes line losses, forcing you to pay for electricity you're not using that is lost in heat dissipation. Therefore, increasing power factor is the key to saving money on electricity. As the video product demonstration on the web site proves, Power-Save energy savers improve power factor and save money as a result.

The following is an important statement made by Baltimore Gas & Electric on their website concerning Power Factor:

”Power factor measures how effectively your operation uses electrical power. Poor power factor means your facility is using and paying for more electricity than it needs while doing the same amount of work. The net result is higher demand charges on your electric bill and overtaxing your internal wires and transformers.”
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